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Imagery has the power to change the way the world sees you.

A great first impression begins with stellar imagery that works convincingly to make you, your product, your business and your clients look amazing. By offering Creative Photography Services that provide visual solutions, inventive ideas, technical know-how, digital wizardry and meticulous attention to detail, I will produce brilliant, unique images that work magic for you.

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I am a tea-addicted Marmite-loving Brit living in Northern California for whom creating extraordinary imagery is a way of life. With a background in CGI and Visual FX, I now operate as an independent photographer and artist who draws upon a range of digital experiences when creating bespoke visuals for my clients. I maintain a modest  live-work studio in Oakland which accommodates both natural and studio lighting set ups and I am able to travel on location both nationally and internationally.

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Dark beauty Issue 58 (July 2016)

Surreal Beauty Magazine: Saudade (July 2016)

Surreal Beauty Magazine: Mollitiem (June 2016)

Valérie "Studio Magic" | Issue 7 V.1 | (June 2016)

SALYSÉ Magazine  Vol 2:No 3 (May/June 2016)

7Roar The Open Issue (April 2016)

Style Equation Issue #16 (March 2016)

Surreal Beauty Magazine: étonner (March 2016)

7Roar The Red Issue (February 2016)

SALYSÉ Magazine  Vol 1:No 11/12 (Nov/Dec 2015)

PUMP Magazine Issue 43 - Bridal Edition, (November 2015)

Elegant Men #2 (October 2015)

Minc Magazine  Issue #17 - (2015)

Salysé Magazine Volume 1: Issue 6 - (June 2015)

Salysé Magazine Volume 1: Issue 3/4 - (March/April 2015)

Dark Beauty Magazine ISSUE 35 –"Wildcard" (August 2014)

Freque Magazine  Vol 17 Part 2,  (December 2014)

Creative Spaces Magazine, Vol 3, (2014)

Shows & Exhibitions:

Gary Francis Fine Art Gallery "As It Happened" 2014

East Bay Open Studios 2014

Jingletown Winter Artwalk  2013

Cottonmill Studios 'F3' 2013

Harvey Milk Photo Center  "Off the Beaten Path" 2012

Paper Doll Self Portrait 2015 All Rights Reserved Sam Breach
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