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Hello and welcome to my creative space. I'm Sam Breach, a British image maker living in Oakland, California. A few years ago I took to creating self-portraits  as a form of self-expression. All of the portraits you see on this page are of me and created by me. I had discovered that by using photography as a starting point I could share some of the personal or emotional feelings I harbored and I could artfully visualize imaginary concepts taken from the fantastical stories playing out in my mind. My prior experience working as a digital artist at Industrial Light & Magic on movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter had provided me with Visual FX skills I could call on to push my photographic image-making beyond the boundaries of reality… to a place where magic starts to happen.


People started coming to me and asking if I would make their narratives into images too and so I began to create customized and conceptual art for anyone who didn’t have the skill set to do it for themselves. I love working closely with people, connecting with the human experience and discovering people's stories. My goal is to give each of my customers a unique, tailored session based on their realities and/or their fantasies: From the families who ask me to capture their unique memories, to individuals like the teen who’d had her heart broken by her first love and wanted to share her tale in the form of a Fashion Editorial, or like the newly engaged couple who commissioned a triptych where they tumbled through ethereal clouds to join together beneath an umbrella magically floating above the Oakland skyline.


Your narrative is also unique and special and I'd love to be inspired by you, your business, your family, your life and put your story into unforgettable pictures too.

My Live/Work Photography Studio in Oakland (with my feline assistant)


Although you'll probably never see them, visitors to the studio might sometimes spot one of our shy Siamese skulking in the shadows. Be thankful they don't want to try and help you with your shoot because, as you can see, they love helping out with my self portraits! If you have cat allergies, please let me know and we can discuss alternative locations for your special shoot.



Enough about me! What about you? I'd love to get to know more about your story. Give me a call, let's talk...

(415) 669-4066




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