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Imagery has the power to change the way the world sees you.



A few years ago I took to creating self-portraits  as a form of self-expression. I discovered that despite being something of an introvert who hid from strangers in the kitchen at parties, by using photography as a starting point I could more comfortably share some of the personal or emotional feelings I harbored and I could artfully visualize imaginary concepts taken from the fantastical stories playing out in my mind. My prior experience working as a digital artist on movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter had provided me with the Visual FX skills I could call on to push my photographic image-making beyond the boundaries of reality… which is where magic starts to happen.


After a while other people started coming to me and asking if I would make the narratives of their lives into images too and so I began to create personalized art for anyone who didn’t have the skill set to do it for themselves. I love working with people, connecting with the human experience and my goal is to give each of my customers a unique, tailored experience based on their realities, their dreams and their fantasies: Customers like the teen who’d had her heart broken by her first love and wanted to share her tale in the form of a Fashion Editorial, or like the couple who commissioned a triptych where they tumbled through ethereal clouds to join together beneath an umbrella magically floating above the Oakland skyline, and like the Executive who wanted a startling linked-in profile picture inspired by an edgy actress in a thrilling dark movie.

My style of work translates well into Businesses or Commercial enterprises too. I create exactly the kind of images that grab people’s attention, makes them look twice, inspires curiosity and draws them in. I maintain a modest live-work studio in Oakland which accommodates both natural and studio lighting set ups and I am available to travel on location anywhere in the Bay Area or the rest of the world.


These days, taking and sharing photographs has been made easy by technology leading to many people settling for snapshots and filters in both their Business and personal lives. I can guide you away from that amateur landscape by providing you with high-end quality, unexpected ideas and creative solutions, all wrapped up into very special images tailored uniquely to you or your business.

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I'd love to talk with you about how we can work together. If I have any availability in my calendar over the next 5 days, you'll be able schedule a free complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with me at the link below.  Alternatively, just give me a call, if I don't answer, leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Personal Notes: I am a tea-addicted Marmite-loving Brit living in Northern California with a Frenchman and Siamese cats named after sausages.  My friends love it when I bake my favourite almond cake  to share with them, I must have made it more than fifty times by now. It's so good! I love hiking or walking around new places and being nosey about the world around me - my brain can't help but view every location I discover as a potential backdrop for a future image.

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