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The Piikup Story

Straight back to work after the holiday:  It was my great pleasure to spend a few hours this afternoon with April Fenall, founder of Oakland-based delivery solution company Piikup, currently servicing San Francisco and the East Bay areas. Soon I'll be working with April to create a conceptual image that will help convey the essence of her business in a visual format. 



Piikup is founded on the premise that the power of delivery can be used to create social change. Piikup is a company that cares deeply about understanding their customers whilst bringing them a reliable, trustworthy service with a compassionate attitiude that does not stop with the customers: What sets Piikup apart from their competitors is the empathetic and supportive approach the company offers to their employees, too, as they help them to build themselves better, more empowered lives by championing them and rooting for their success. 



Do you know a local business who would benefit from a delivery service that can be customized to specific needs and who would enjoy working with delivery professionals who care about the product, understand the story behind the delivery and offer a human touch? Good fits for Piikup right now are businesses like local magazine deliveries, product-to-multiple-retail deliveries, bakers, coffee roasters and any other delivery needs that would benefit from the human touch rather than being merely a transactional relationship. Reach out to April for more information, via email: info@piikup.com



Please note that the photographs shown in this article were not created by Sam Breach Photography.



Could your small business benefit from customized conceptual imagery? Contact me for more information!

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