Since I’ve had my own business, there rarely seems to be a day when I am not working on something related to it. On Saturday I worked on a bunch of photo edits without interruption, which is great because it means I can listen to an audiobook at the same time. This is just about my favorite thing to do: Make pictures look better whilst listening to a novel.




On Sunday I had a to-do list as long as your arm. I was totally focused, no audiobook this time as I had to concentrate on numbers and other non-artistic things.


Here are the things I achieved and checked off my list on Sunday:


• Work out framing-price math.

• Review and correct price lists (ongoing task, I got where I needed to be for today but it still needs honing).

• Make a presentation video for a client project.

• Set up Lightroom specifically for an ordering session with a separate catalogue.

• Prepare an invoice.

• Clean the live/work studio for a client visit.

• Prep samples, vacate private parking spot, lay out refreshments.

• Host a client for a presentation and ordering session.

Achievement unlocked: a beautiful 34-page family album recording an adventurous afternoon at Stinson beach, SOLD.



Brought to you by a Working Photographer’s Diary:

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