In the days between now and the last time I wrote an update my main achievement has been to create and teach a class for the SF Bay Area Women’s Photography Group on many aspects of creating fashion-style editorials and getting them published.


The class this morning lasted for four hours. We had nibbles and refreshments, we had brainstorming, we had a presentation with over 80 slides and we enjoyed peer reviewing each other’s editorial work.


I am completely self-taught on this subject over three years of hard work, practice and research. It was a real joy for me to be able to share what I’d earned with others. The response was enthusiastic with attendees leaving the impression they were pretty fired up to try out some suggestions and put some of the ideas into practice.


On Friday I visited Level 5 Salon in San Leandro to measure the space with a view to having some of my work on display there. I was invited to be a part of this by the salon’s owner, Rosa, who I had met recently at a friend’s party. I am really excited about seeing how my images will work in the space. The next stage is to make a plan, run it by Rosa and then schedule a time to hang the pieces.


SURJ Bay Area is a group that I have been volunteering for, for the past year+ as a photographer and member of their communications committee. Last week I photographed local neighborhood restaurant, Reems so that we would have visual content available to illustrate a statement SURJ were publishing in support of Reem's Bakery.

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