• • The first three days of this week were about lots of little things that needed to be taken care of, and take care of them, I did:
  • • Prepped a trio of themed images for instagram posts, complete with credits and hash-tags.
  • • Communicated back and forth over some magazine submission requests.
  • • Visited the bank to pay in a business check because the web application couldn’t read my client’s handwriting!
  • • Edited and shared three portfolio shots with the model, Hayli.
  • • Created a new watermark for my web shares and discovered how to clean up out all the excess versions in my Lightroom presets.
  • • Started work on a composite I am doing for a B2B (Business to Business) psychotherapist client.
  • • Reviewed returned questionnaires from a family whose conceptual portrait I will be creating soon.
  • • Completed some more work on finessing my price lists.
  • • I mailed out an affinity card.


• Tuesday started with an early morning consultation with my potential family portrait client at her workplace. I love getting to know more about people and talking about ideas for a shoot. This job is still in the early phases, but I now have a foundation on which to build my ideas for them.

• I was lucky enough to have a pricelist review by a fellow entrepreneur – so after that I incorporated some of her suggestions and moved a little closer to getting to a place where I am happy with it.

• I made a small presentation of options for my B2B client to choose from, ready for Wednesday.

• I visited my fine art printer, Brad Boca at Candela Fine Art Printing to look at a proof for a conceptual portrait gallery wrap I am having made for a client. We made some tweaks and then I gave him the go ahead to print.

• I also made some headway in cleaning up both some google storage and some disk space on my computer because I was getting low on both.

• I created a kick-arse infomercial ready for my BNI (Business Networking International) meeting on Wednesday.


• Every Wednesday I get up at 6AM to go to my BNI meeting with a great bunch of people at the Best of the Bay Chapter. Today’s meeting had a convivial atmosphere, there was much laughter and camaraderie, I felt the group had power today. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and surprised them all with a bit of a crazy infomercial based on “The Price is Right”. I can’t believe I stood up there and acted out that part – I guess those Improv classes I took earlier in the year to help me with public speaking had some effect.

• After the breakfast meeting I enjoyed a second meeting with my B2B client who made some choices based on the options I shared with her. Then we went for a little walk in Piedmont Park together.

• I sent a couple more affinity cards out.

• I completed some editing on a personal project which I am not able to share the results of just yet. That’s a visual treat for another day.

• I received an email from a repeat client asking me to photograph their annual event in September. I rushed out a contract and an invoice for them to get the job confirmed.

Brought to you by a Working Photographer’s Diary:

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