I'm Sam Breach (she/her), a Photographer and Artist who loves conceptual imagery, conveying emotion and strong use of color.

There is so much story that can be conveyed through an image; success, joy, emotion, humor, business, glory, family, love, connection, friendship, triumph, survival, life, death, growth, birth, rebirth, milestones, struggles, moments in time, favorite places, cherished possessions,  history, hope and so much more. 

I don't just show up and snap  – I am the kind of photographer who researches, who tests, who plots,  plans and organizes your photography session with a high level of care and attention to detail so that you will have a unique experience with extra-special results. My goal is to celebrate the essence of you in your moment. I want for you to explore yourself, see yourself and celebrate yourself. 

I cherish the challenge of  exploring narrative through creating conceptual imagery and my passion is capturing people – I love every genre of portraiture.  I am also skilled at implementing branded imagery, image research and curation, visual storytelling and digital image manipulation.

Hire me and you’ll be guided by rich experience: I’ve worked with visual content my entire career, creating imagery for TV titles, commercials, music videos, movies (including Star Wars and Harry Potter) as well as for video games and I’ve been employed as a Photo Editor on Oracle’s world-class Brand Creative team. If you are looking for branded stock imagery to supplement your personalized business branding I have a second business, Guide & Seek®, which specializes in exactly that.

Aside from creative photography and self-portraiture, I love dancing, learning new things and drinking copious amounts of tea. My two favorite branches of magic are baking and Photoshop.

Learn more about how I can meet your specific photographic needs by clicking the button below to schedule a consultation. 

Sam Breach LLC is an independent contractor and  registered business based in OAKLAND, CA and is open to traveling for assignments.

Telephone 415 669 4066

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