I'm Sam Breach (she/her), a British-American Artist who explores emotion and narrative through portraiture.  


– The Box Gallery, Palm Beach FL • "Myth America(NA) Deconstructing Americana Culture" • 2022

– Centro Cultural John Dos Passos, Madeira, Portugal • "Womansion" 2021

– Remedy, Oakland CA • Solo Exhibit 2018-2020

– Level 5, San Leandro, CA • Solo Exhibit 2017-2018

– Gary Francis Fine Art, Alameda CA • "As it Happened" • 2014

– Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco CA • "Off The Beaten Track" • 2012 

Trigger Warning: Some images contain graphic content that some visitors may find disturbing. Please view with an open mind and a compassion. Thank you.

Please note.  At this time  Sam Breach  is not offering general services. 

All work on this site is copyright of Sam Breach.


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