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"For me, an image is so much more than capturing a moment  with the click of a shutter. An image is the opportunity to tell a story, succinctly and impactfully. I believe that wholeheartedly investing in the time required to pay attention to all of the smallest details that go into making a great-looking, intentional image is the key to delivering remarkable, effective big-picture visuals.  I value all parts of the image creation  process from planning, communication, research and testing to collaboration, production, post production and delivery."


I'm Sam Breach, an experienced Digital Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the Photography, Movie and Games industries. I'm skilled in conceptual portraiture, creating and editing branded imagery, photography curation, digital image manipulation, retuching, asset management, mentoring, team leadership and art direction. I love to indulge in self portraiture because it gives me the chance to experiment, explore self expression and test out ideas and techniques.


All images on this website have been produced or jointly-produced, photographed, and edited by me, Sam Breach.


I welcome enquiries about Professional and Business Opportunites as well as Private Portrait Commissions. 


If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch.


+1 415 669 4066




• My Live/Work Photography Studio in Oakland •


Although you'll probably never see them, visitors to the studio might sometimes spot one of our shy Siamese skulking in the shadows. Be thankful if they don't want to try and help you with your shoot because, as you can see, when they try and help me, they get up to no good. If you have cat allergies, please let me know and we can discuss alternative locations for your shoot.


(415) 669-4066




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