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Hello and welcome to my world of whimsy. I’m Sam Breach and I’m more than a photographer; I’m an image maker, I’m an artist.


I’ve always been a day-dreamer, the kind of person who has their head in the clouds so I’m fascinated by what’s going on in the minds of other people too.


This has inspired me to provide a framework that empowers other people to express themselves, their relationships, their passions and their products through conceptual imagery.


Individuals, couples, families and even businesses seek me out for my ability to connect with their unique stories through creative experiences centered around exploration and experimentation. I provide  direction, ideas, techniques, professional equipment, a keen eye, unsurpassed attention to detail, studio space and a playful process that manifests in the creation of personalized artwork to be celebrated and treasured.


I'm eager to tell you more about how we can work together, so please get in touch. Here is a link to my contact details. 





My Live/Work Photography Studio in Oakland (with my feline assistant)


Although you'll probably never see them, visitors to the studio might sometimes spot one of our shy Siamese skulking in the shadows. Be thankful if they don't want to try and help you with your shoot because, as you can see, when they try and help me, they get up to no good. If you have cat allergies, please let me know and we can discuss alternative locations for your special shoot.


(415) 669-4066




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