Collaborating with Aya from Flower Couture is always an amazing experience, so I jumped right on it when she asked if I would help her by creating a testimonial for an event they are heading to in Europe next month. I'm not usually a video person, so this was an interesting exercise for me. I found the whole process totally engrossing and enjoyable, all the way from trying to better the take each time to downloading Adobe Premier Pro and intuitively working out how to use it to edit the best pieces together without any time to read the manual.  Four hours went by without me even noticing the time fly. (OK, ok, I admit I may have fluffed up my lines a few times !)



I hope Flower Couture have an invaluable and successful trip to Milan and I look forward to collaborating with them on another project soon.



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  • Lauri Novak

    on January 8, 2018

    Well done! Beautiful work as always.

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