Christmas Day = Christmas Play - Sam Breach Photography

The Gift of Time


This past "National Holiday", I was determined not to do any work. As a photographer, work often has nothing to do with creating images and sometimes it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks to be taken care of - marketing, branding, networking, book keeping and so on. Instead I gave myself the gift of time to play. I turned the camera on myself and practised with some techniques I'd been meaning to try, mainly around using plastic sheeting. That session has already triggered different ideas and other things to try, other ways to light things and other ways to utilize the plastic sheeting. Time to play is imortant. My next promise to myself is that I'm not going to wait for another  official "holiday" to experiment with "plastic sheeting take two"!

Would you be interested in a guided photography self-expression/experimentation session? I'm ready to add this kind of service to my list of packages for customers. Do let me know if you are interested or have questions or comments?



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