Halloween Portraits 2020

When I learned that a few neighbors were gathering, in costume, in the community garden to celebrate Halloween I asked them if they would be up for an impromptu portrait session. Happily for my camera, they agreed.

After keeping myself busy with so many self portraits recently, it's great to cautiously and carefully  have begun to shoot people again (more on that soon). I had several interesting and exciting photography jobs cancelled when the pandemic hit back in March, but I've slowly begun to accept clients again, cautiously and only outdoors,  since September.  The great thing about being a photographer is that, thanks to the beauty of long lenses, you can keep more than 6 feet of distance and still do your job. 

I was wearing black angel wings and a black mask to match. How did you dress up for Halloween in 2020?

  • Sam Breach

    on November 16, 2020

    You are a great teacher, Robin, I know what to look for, thanks to you!

  • Robin Griggs Wood

    on November 3, 2020

    Always you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, Sam — fab portraits!

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