#SOOC – Straight out of Camera

I'm  honored to have been announced as the winner of Round 29 of 'The Photography Scavenger Hunt' 2020. 

This particular round was challenging for all entrants because no post production editing of any kind was permitted. All results had to be achieved SOOC (Straight Out of Camera). On top of that prescribed limitation I set myself a further personal challenge to make all of my entries as self portraits. The premise of the hunt is to photograph a list of words. For this round the words were – ROUND – NEEDLE – BROKEN – EGG – COFFEE – METAL – BOATS – WATER – PATH – MOTION.  These words are open to the creative interpretation of the participants resulting in wide range of results. Above you can see the best of my final images and below is a copy of the winning announcement. 

From Round 30 onwards I am going to be helping with the organization and running of the Hunt.

If you are interested in joining us, entry is open to everyone – it's a friendly and welcoming community. Here are some links to help you discover more:

• The Photography Scavenger Hunt Website

• Subscribe to the Mailing List

If you have any questions about the Hunt that I might be able to help you with,  don't hesitate reach out in the comments below. 

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