"Joona Creates" Holiday Message

The story behind the video


My December 2017 #snowcloud set was quite adorable and I already miss having those fluffy little white clouds hanging around. Before I dismantled them, it seemed that anyone who was visiting me, for whatever reason, couldn't resist playing around in my clouds! So this little video is what happened when one friend, Jeanne from Joona Creates Custom Furnishings, was visiting me at my studio. We were literally playing and experimenting, so we didn't have any proper audio recording equipment or lighting set up, but despite that this take turned out to be so charming, I'm happy that Jeanne is sharing her holiday message with a wider audience. Credit to  Mark Alternburg Video who helped Jeanne spruce up the recording. 


Did you miss out on my snow clouds? I am fairly certain I am going to have to make #snowclouds again next year because so many people loved them but weren't able to make it to the sessions this time around. Maybe I should start that waiting list right now!

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