I’m part of a Community over on G+ (yes it still exists) that started over 5 years ago with a Scavenger Hunt competition. I can credit ‘The Hunt’ as it is fondly known, with stirring my interest in conceptual photography and portraiture. I recently entered a couple of images into the latest hunt competition and I can now share them publicly. 

The image above was to meet the theme “Cinematic”. I shot it at the San Francisco Opera House. It’s a stitch of three images and is over 7k pixels wide. It was shot on the very edge of the balcony and I used a strobe. I wanted to create an image that had a real sense of cinematic scale and I didn’t want to do a composite for this one. I am stoked by how it turned out. I may have to print it really big! Thanks to the rest of the team: #Model @haylicollier #HMUA @jamesanthonyhmua

The image below, which was the result of a certain amount of serendipity captures the word, “Up”. I happened to be doing a location check for a wedding I was scheduled to shoot a few days later on the beach. I envisioned this wide shot of the happy couple with vast negative space around them. As I was having this thought, a couple passed by me and continued to walk UP the sand bank. As they neared the top, a ball was thrown UP in the air and their little dog jumped UP to chase it. It was perfect, unplanned but requiring a photographers eye to have the sense that a story could unfold within that composition.

It’s always great to receive a marketing email from a client showing my work being used out there in the real world. I created some headshots for Deagon earlier this year and she is now using it in the marketing mail. Doesn't she look fabulous? That's because she is fabulous, seriously. If you know any restaurateurs – send them Deagon’s way – here is her website: https://culinarybusinessstrategy.com/

On Thursday I was a substitute for my hair stylist Terri of Chroma Salon who is a member of a different BNI (Business Networking International) Chapter. I am a BNI member too but it’s always great to visit neighboring chapters. BNI meetings in the East Bay all have such great energy and are so welcoming – visiting one is always a great way to launch my day.


In turns out that Thursday was all about networking. In the evening I attended a meetup of Unwind – East Bay Women Entrepreneurs. I discovered this group a few months ago and this was my fourth time of visiting. By now I have really started to get to know and connect more personally with some of the women and I hope to be working with some of them further down the line. If you are an East-Bay-based female entrepreneur who would benefit from networking with like-minds, please check us out!


On Friday I personally delivered a 24-inch canvas fine art conceptual portrait to a client. This image has been a long time in the making and so it was wonderful to be able to deliver it in person and see where in my client’s home the image will hang. I’ll write more about the actual image in the future. In the meantime, delivering finished art pieces is the best part of my job, this was a real highlight of my week.

On Sunday I photographed the Berkeley anti-hate protest rally and march on behalf of SURJ Bay Area (Showing Up for racial Justice). The organizers were asking that attendees not take photographs so it was an honour to be the designated photographer for the event. If you are interested, I keep all my Racial Justice on my website at this link. You can see the results of Sunday’s photography in the slideshow below.

Brought to you by a Working Photographer’s Dairy of Achievement:

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