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On Sunday I went to hang some of my artwork at Level 5 Salon in San Leandro. Rosa, the salon’s owner asked me to display some of my pieces there for a while and I jumped at the chance. Her salon is buzzing with activity and full of warmth, a great place to show off my conceptual photography.


Its such an honour to have my work being viewed, in person, by people I don't know and for my images to make enough of an impact that Level 5's customers are moved to say something about them. At the end of only the first day of my pictures being on display at the salon I received this text from Rosa:


Sam, we have gotten so, so many compliments on your work at the salon. Especially the one by the dryers... Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work at Level 5 Salon.


This is the type of feedback every artist loves to receive. I am all fired up to create more art and get more prints made now!

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

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