Cillesa is an award-winning Interior Designer and Space Planner in the East Bay. She’s a great client and a remarkable woman who excels when it comes to putting colors together, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to join me for an inspirational work-study trip to San Francisco to visit Color Factory, a pop-up interactive exhibition celebrating color and material. I was lucky that Cillesa makes a great  muse too - she was happy to pose for some photographs for us to remember the experience by. 


Do you know anyone in the Paint Color business? Got a great-uncle at Sherwin Williams? Is your sister dating Benjamin Moore? Is Martin Senour your dad? If you have an in with anyone like this, please do reach out to Cillesa who would be thrilled to create and design a very special interior paint color range.



I’ve been doing some referral networking, meeting local business owners in person this week and I also completed a headshot shoot for a client in my studio. I ordered some custom packaging for some portrait clients – gift bags and tissue paper with my client’s photos printed on them. They look really cool but I’ll wait a little longer before I share an image with you all – I don’t want to spoil a surprise they don't even know they are going to have yet.

Brought to you by a Working Photographer’s Dairy of Achievement:

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