Remote Portraits for Teams & Individuals

Business portraits captured remotely by Sam Breach for the executive team at Drop Fake

Business portraits captured remotely by Sam Breach for the executive team at Drop Fake

To see these portraits out in the wild, read more about Drop Fake's launch over on Venture Beat. 

We get it – your customers connect better to your product through engagement with your workforce. You want your team to have visibility. You want them to be represented on your about page. You want to acknowledge their contributions by making sure they are seen. You want a professional-looking image.  But your  team works remotely, they're spread all over the place - so how can  a consistent set of business portraits for them even be achieved? 

The answer is – remotely. I create the portraits for you or your team using a method that allows me to direct a photoshoot virtually, using the subject's phone. 


*All prices start with a daily creative/consultation/admin fee of $585 

Additional fees per subject:

+ $285 per person for 1-7 people

+ $255 per person for 8-19 people

+ $235 per person for 20-40 people

+ $185 per person for more than 40 people 

Included in the fees:

• Pre-shoot phone or video consultation with the organizer 

• Options for different  portrait styles will be discussed during the consultation*

• A  reference web page exclusive to your team that describes the process and provides best practices for portrait preparation

• Exclusive scheduling system so your employees can manage their own appointments, if required

• Brand consistent retouching and color correction 

• Licensing for all general business use

• Selection galleries ( if you would like your team to be part of the selection process)

• Digital File Delivery of one edited image per person 

(*Note: Depending on the consistent brand look and feel you want to achieve for your team, further exploratory work or testing may be necessary and, depending on the scope, might require further creative fees)


 • $335 per individual

Fee includes the following:

• One hour virtual shooting session

• Pre-shoot phone or video consultation 

• Options for different  portrait styles, to be discussed during the consultation*.

• Multiple outfit changes if desired.

• A  reference web page exclusive providing best practices for portrait preparation.

• Licensing for personal use

• Selection galleries for choosing your preferred result.

• Standard retouching.

• Digital File Delivery of one edited image from the session.

or call 415 669 4066

Technical Requirements for Remote Shooting

– iphone or android

– For iOS,  13.0 or later is required.

– For Android  (requirements being updated, to be determined)

– A tripod or stand for your device.

– consistent WiFi connection

– Space on device to install an app

– Agree to share  the  phone's camera and microphone with the app.

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