Womansion is an international collective of thirteen female photographers whose work has been curated into a unique interactive tour showcasing their artistic interpretation of their experiences through COVID-19

• Explore the rooms and artists in the Womansion: Take a look up, down, around and  click on all the buttons for more information and surprises.  

• Can you find my secret second room?

Note: if viewing on a mobile or handheld device, click on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of screen to temporarily disable the menu and enjoy the full experience of the room.

Learn More About The Womansion Project:

The Womansion project is the brainchild of Porto based British photographer Anna Gunn, of McGunn Media. Anna invited female photographers from around the world to submit  images and video that depicting their lives under the restrictions of the pandemic. Their brief was to photograph rooms in the house, studio or space of their choice. Anna and Katherine Gooding, a commercial photographer specializing in 360/VR images and virtual tours, then transformed the collection of images into a virtual mansion photographic tour.

Each photographer interpreted the brief in a different way and the resulting images bring together their skills across fine art, conceptual, interiors, commercial, portraiture and lifestyle photography. 

After you've explored my gallery in the Womansion, please continue and check out the work of my fellow artists and collaborators...

Sophie Benoit

Rainie Mills

Marisa S White

Krystallenia Batziou

Catherine Vibert

Carmen Blike

Carla McMahon

Anjali Fong

Alex Baker

Sharlea Taft

Anna Gunn

Katherine Gooding

Anna Gunn interviews Sam Breach about her participation in the Womansion project.

The Wo.Mansion Project supports the work of Planned Parenthood Global, donations can be made at this link

In addition, to honor the Californian land, which as an immigrant I have made my home, my own gallery space supports the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust,  an urban Indigenous women-led land trust based in the San Francisco Bay Area that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people. Donations can be made at this link

The Womansion Launch Party – A Guided Video Tour hosted by Anna Gunn

Thanks for visiting the Womansion remote gallery space. Take care and be  safe out there, wherever you are...

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